22 April 2015

New Direction For Realcold Sparks New Super Branch

Media Release
22 April 2015

Realcold has today announced its first Australian Super Branch in Archerfield, Brisbane, will open in June.
CEO of Realcold Tony Broome says the Super Branch will consolidate its smaller Queensland branches and create a better offering of equipment and parts for its customers.
"The whole industry is changing and we know our customer needs are changing as well. We've analysed every aspect of our business to understand where we can improve and how we can serve our customers better.

"As a result of this audit we'll be opening this Super Branch in Brisbane this June, as well as beefing up our call centre. We're also changing our sales structure, so our staff are better placed to get out and see our customers. Gone are the days that we should expect customers to always come to us," says Broome.
The new Brisbane Super Branch will be located on Boundary Road in Archerfield, Brisbane and Broome says it is set to have a "fresh, tidy look and feel, will be easily accessible and will be fully equipped with products and parts."
Overall headcount at Realcold will not decrease as a result of opening the Super Branch.
This move to a centralised approach follows the Realcold Super Branch opening in Christchurch earlier this year, which has been very well received by customers and suppliers.

Opening the Super Branch is part of a wider business strategy to grow the business and better serve customers. As part of the sales restructure, branch managers will be in charge of territories in Brisbane. This will mean they can get out and build relationships with customers.
"We have also automated our systems so they run more smoothly, grown our call centre capability so we can better answer our customers' questions when they are on the go and are gearing up to introduce a digital sales solution in 2016.
"This is an exciting time for our company. It's about working in a smarter, more succinct way that benefits our customers," says Broome.