A-Series Process Chiller 130kW

Product code: AC7822
Manufacturer code LSQWF130VM/NaA-M
Central warehouse:
General Information
Product Group : Process Inverter Chillers
Colour : Beige
Number Of Circuits : 4
Water Flow : 372 L/min
Air Volume/Air Flow
Air Flow : 4 x 15500 m³/h
Cooling Capacity : 125.0 kW
Cooling Capacity Water 7°C/12°C : 125.0 kW
Compressor Model : QXFS-H80zN345K
Number Of Compressors : 4
Hydraulic Connections Diameter : 3 in
Input (Cooling) : 44.9 kW
Max Current : 72.0 A
Power Supply : 380-415/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Energy Efficiency/Performance
EER : 2.78
Number Of Fans : 4
Depth : 1980 mm
Height : 2190 mm
Weight : 1320.0 kg
Width : 2305 mm
Water Pressure Drop : 60.0 kPa
Refrigerant : R410A
Refrigerant Charge : 31.20 kg
Flow Water Temp Range Cooling : -10 to 20 °C
Outdoor Operating Temp. Range (Cooling) : -15 to 48 °C
Product information
Gree Modular Air Cooled Inverter ChillersThe all new Modular A-Series Inverter Water Chillers are capable of performing cooling all year round with high energy efficiency. They do not require cooling towers and are quite applicable to water deficient areas. These chillers can be widely utilised with glycol mix down to -10°C in a range of different applications from cold stores, food processing areas, dairy processing breweries and wineries.Air cooled chillers produce chilled water with inverter scroll compressors, R410a, cooling capacity 32~130kW.High Efficiency Shell and Tube Heat ExchangerThe Gree A-Series Inverter Chillers utilise high efficiency shell and tube heat exchangers. Internal baffles ensure the water mixes thoroughly in the heat exchanger to achieve a higher rate of heat transfer. The Gree heat exchangers provide advantages over other types of heat exchangers. The tube spacing virtually eliminates clogging due to foreign matter accumulating from poor water quality or scaling. Low Noise FansThe high efficiency and low noise fan blades and motors as well as the optimized air passage can greatly lower the operation noise of the unit. The addition of a quiet mode also reduces night time noise for an ultra quite environment. Gold Fin CoilThe new Gree A-Series Inverter Chiller features Gold Fin coating on the air cooled coil. This offers greater resistance to corrosive elements. Gold Fin coils perform 20x better under salt spray testing than Blue Fin coils. Gold Fin is a hydrophilic coating which repels water. Compressor Operation BalanceThe Gree A-Series compressor operation technology ensures that each compressor operates in turn. This reduces the number of stop start cycles on an individual compressor to maximise their lifespan.Comfort and Energy EfficiencyThe inverter technology can quickly respond to load changes and lead to decreased water temperature fluctuations and better comfort. This also leads to better energy usage. 3.902.95Variable Frequency Fixed FrequencySCOPGree XE73-25/G Microprocessor ControllerThis control panel has been especially designed for the A Series Inverter Chiller. It is capable of controlling and displaying all running parameters of the chiller. Gree have produced a standard controller for air conditioning and a low temp -10°C controller for low temperature processes. This controller can control up to 16 units and with Gree’s Free Master connection there is timely communication with all units and a fault on one will not affect the operation of the other units. Modbus compatible.Flexible CapacityWith the Gree A Series Inverter Chillers you can combine different units to achieve your required cooling load. You can combine up to 16units with a cooling capacity ranging from 32kW to 1040kW. Gree Intelligent Management SystemThe long distance monitoring system allows users through a computer to remotely monitor up to 255 A series inverter chillers, including turning on /off the units, setting parameters, giving alarms for malfunctions, which provides an efficient tool for management of the intelligent air conditioning systems for modern buildings. Twin Water Pumps (optional)Two water pumps can work alternatively with equilibrium runtimes as to extend their service life and lower maintenance difficulty.Remote On/OffThe unit can be started or stopped by the On/Off key operation.Advance Protection FunctionsGree A Series Inverter Chillers are equipped with an advanced microcomputer control system complete with powerful error diagnostics. Some of the main protection functions are:• Compressor HP• Compressor Overload• Antifreeze Control• High Discharge Temperature • Temperature Sensor Failure• Compressor LP• Overflow control• Water flow protection• Phase safety device
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