Guardian Medium Temperature Evaporator - 3x350

Product code: KMSHB3098
Manufacturer code KMSHB3098-R5
Central warehouse:
General Information
Product Group : Guardian
Liquid Line Connection : 12.70 mm
Suction Line Connection : 25.40 mm
Electric Defrost : No
Fan Size : 350 mm
Number Of Fans : 3
Depth : 470 mm
Height : 545 mm
Length : 2060 mm
Weight : 54 kg
Product information
Kirby Guardian™ Ready Connect range of evaporators are factory fitted with EVD ice, the new control solution for Carel ExV proportional electronic expansion valves directly installed on the evaporator, with a revolutionary design intended specifically for low temperature conditions.The range delivers considerable benefits for contractors and asset owners alike in delivering a more efficient refrigeration system with reduced energy consumption:KIRBYGUARDIAN™ READY CONNECTEvaporatorsFeatures & BenefitsThe KirbyGuardian™ Ready Connect offers:• Simple and fast installation and commissioning• Extremely short pull-down times• Precise refrigerant flow• Enhanced durability rated to IP65• Operating conditions between -30°C to 40°CKirby Guardian™ Ready Connect – NomenclatureEVD ice is also designed to be compatible with third party regulation and control solutions, using standard communication protocols, or can work as a standalone solution for refrigeration cells and other applications in which compactness and versatility are key.KirbyGuardian™ Ready Connect delivers all the performance benefits available without the need for cabling, welding or complex configuration. The range also offers the quality and reliability of a factory tested and installed solution, backed by the combined knowledge and strength of both Kirby and Carel
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