NC Clean Guard Ceiling Cassette Bag

Product code: N0762
Manufacturer code 4150-03
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Directions:This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.Ensure You Have Proper Supplies Before You Start. The Clean Guard (4150-01) is sized for wall-mounted mini-split indoor coils up to 12,000 BTUs (1 ton) in size. For wall-mounted mini-split indoor coils between 18,000 and 36,000 BTU (1.5 to 3 tons) in size, it will require the larger Clean Guard XL (4150-02). The Clean Guard will also require the use of a readily available five-gallon bucket and the use of a suitable Nu-Calgon cleaner.Disconnect power from the unit.Remove the return filters and protective cover off the mini-split indoor unit.Simply snap the industrial elastic collar around the indoor coil. Important: Make sure the adjustable collar fits well to create a workable seal around the unit so as not to cause damage when cleaning the coil/blower followed by a power water wash if necessary.IMPORTANT: The Clean Guard does not cover exposed electronics. Please be sure to protect any electronics when cleaning with a cleaner and if pressurized water is used.Position the five-gallon bucket on a stable surface, typically the floor in most cases, and position the Clean Guard funnel into the bucket.During cleaning, wear protective gloves and eyewear.Select a Nu-Calgon coil cleaner that is best suited for the job. For coils and blowers that need to be cleaned and disinfected, Nu-Calgon’s Evap-Fresh gallon (4166-08) with the use of a 50P Sprayer (4770-0) or Evap-Fresh No Rinse aerosol (4166-75) with the use of the Talon Flexible Wand (4776- 0) are good options. For tough duty, Tri-Pow’r HD coil cleaner may be necessary; but the use of Tri-Pow’r (at a 3:1 dilution) requires a water rinse. NOTE: Some tough applications may still require a follow-up rinse with pressurized water using a market available sprayer.While cleaning, keep an eye on the five-gallon bucket to make sure cleaner/water is draining into bucket properly; resolve any kinks in the Clean Guard as necessary.Recommission the mini-split system back to service.Rinse, dry and store the Clean Guard inside the bucket for repeated use.
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