TitanPack 170MHA1

Product code: CK4273
Manufacturer code BDK01045
Central warehouse:
General Information
Product Group : Outdoor Hermetic Condensing Units
Receiver Volume : 14.5 L
Additional Info
Crankcase Heater Provided : Yes
Family : Titan Hermetic
HP Control Device Provided : Yes
HP Safety Switch Provided : Yes
LP Safety Switch Provided : Yes
Liquid Line Fitted With Shut Off Valve : Yes
Liquid Line Provided : Yes
Suction Valve Provided : Yes
Air Volume/Air Flow
Air Flow : 2630 L/s
Capacity Control : No
Compressor Model : MTZ100-4VM
Compressor Type : Hermetic
Number Of Compressors : 1
Number Of Phases (Compressor) : 3
Power Supply Compressor : 380-400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Pipe Diameter Gas Side : 34.92 mm
Pipe Diameter Liquid Side : 15.88 mm
Cooling Capacity R134a
R134a Cooling Capacity Rated -5°C : 9.785 kW
R134a Cooling Capacity Rated -10°C : 7.585 kW
R134a Cooling Capacity Rated -15°C : 5.705 kW
R134a Cooling Capacity Rated 0°C : 12.30 kW
R134a Cooling Capacity Rated 5°C : 15.135 kW
Cooling Capacity R448A/R449A
R448A/R449A Cooling Capacity -10°C : 11.270 kW
R448A/R449A Cooling Capacity 0°C : 17.120 kW
R448A/R449A Cooling Capacity 5°C : 20.450 kW
Cooling Capacity R452A
R452A Cooling Capacity Rated -10°C : 13.270 kW
R452A Cooling Capacity Rated -25°C : 6.460 kW
Liquid Injection : No
LRA : 93.1 A
MCC : 25.1 A
RLA : 15.9 A
Fan Blade Size : 450 mm
Fan Diameter : 450 mm
Number Of Fans : 2
Depth : 840 mm
Height : 1094 mm
Net Weight : 235 kg
Width : 1846 mm
Oil Type : POE
Sound Power/Pressure
Sound Power at 50 Hz : 85 dB(A)
Product information
HUGE CAPACITY AND MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE IN HARSH CONDITIONSA tough, compact and robust commercial condensing unit, the Kirby Titan offers impressive performance and capacity within a small footprint. Pre-wired for convenient installation, Kirby Titan range thrives in harsh ambient conditions and under heavy loads. Being a fully enclosed system, it can be installed indoors or outside. And because it’s from Kirby, Titan has an enviable reputation for toughness, efficiency and reliability. KEY FEATURESImpressive capacity ranging from 12kW to 41kW Enhanced compressor technology Designed for harsh conditions up to 45°C Quiet and efficient operations Easy to service Fast installation Fully pre-wired Fan speed control Coil protection as standard
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